Mid May

We have had a glorious spring with pleasant temps and rain when we needed it. Spring is fading though, warmer temps are on the way and there’s no rain in sight so its time to drag out the hoses again. The spring ephemerals will be disappearing soon, so I thought I would photograph them before they go

Pulmonaria, Primrose, Epimedium, Phlox stolonifera, Celandine poppy
Trillium luteum in the center
Hypertufa trough with pink Silene auculis and white Dianthus ‘Nyewood’s cream’
Primula, mini hosta, phlox
Shooting star, Epimedium, Trillium luteum
Sand cherry, epimedium, bleeding heart, hosta and more
Tiny Trillium pusillum ‘Roadrunner’, yellow Iris koreana

I hope to get out in the garden and photograph some more plants this week. Busy, busy, busy times

One thought on “Mid May

  1. Wow, that redbud is RAD! Ours finished a long time ago. Western redbud is native nearby, but there are none in our landscapes. All of ours are Eastern redbud cultivars. I do like the rich color of Western redbud, but the bloom can be too early every few years ago, and get partly ruined by the rain. They are shrubbier too, and the plants do not live as long as the Eastern redbud.

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