Bloodroots and primula

The rainy cold spring continues but as usual there are some bright lights in the garden. I have three kinds of bloodroot and they are really pretty this year. The first is the common bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis

The second is the double flowered version “Multiplex”

The next group of photos are of the “Pink form”

I am reposting the following photo from last time because I had many queries about the name and because the dark purple one has now flowered

Primula marginata
Primula marginata

And now for a few more pretty things

Trough and species tulips, ranunculus, primroses, and fritillaria in the foreground
Red emperor tulips
Epimediums are starting to pop

Sunny and warmer days are forecast .. yippeeeeee!


Spring is springing in New England. It rains, it snows, gets warm, then chilly, sunny, cloudy, windy, calm, etc. Some things do continue on in their natural cycle. In my garden, the daffodils and forsythia are blooming bringing lots of cheerful yellow to the landscape. And its getting green.

My favorite part of spring are the ephemerals. Epimedium, trillium, primulas and all the little rock garden plants are waking up and unfolding.

And finally, a photo of our Easter morning kayak paddle out on the Nashua River near our house. One can’t be in the garden all the time.


I’m back. We were in Florida for the winter but unfortunately returned earlier than planned. There was snow when we arrived home in late March, but that has melted. We have had some nice spring days between the cold rainy ones, and I have been able to get back out into the garden. I am so thankful that I have a garden. The world goes away for awhile when I am outside raking, weeding, and watching plants unfold and awaken as they always do in the spring.

The varmints are keeping us company – no social distancing for them. A black bear took out the bird feeders one evening. We saw him but I couldn’t grab the camera fast enough to catch him in the act.

I will try to post more often this spring in the hopes that things will get better, and the flowers will bring cheer. Be well