July 31st

Wow – July got away from me. Gardening wasn’t the best, it rained nearly every day. And then it rained some more. At least I didn’t have to drag out the hoses all month. The daylilies were (and are still) beautiful. I picked blueberries and raspberries for weeks. The birds have been wonderful. Wrens and bluebirds are nesting again and feeding their young. Orioles are hitting the grape jelly big-time and hummingbirds are everywhere. Summertime and the livin’ is easy. I’ll weed later.

Bold Knight

And lastly, this guy. There used to be really nice little rock garden plants in this planter. Used to be……

One more grouping of daylilies. I couldn’t resist. See you in August!


Have you ever noticed how many plants have flowers that look like fireworks?

Dwarf goatsbeard
Daylily “Laughing giraffe”
Bee balm
Allium seed pods
Orchid cactus
Iris ensata “Warai Hotel”

The ensata was a stretch but it was too beautiful not to share.