End of August

Well that was fast. August disappeared just like it always seems to. We had some really hot days and some lovely days. We dad lots of company so we enjoyed the garden many times. The weeds grew, the flowers bloomed, we harvested the veggies. Such are the lazy hazy days.

Hibiscus after the petals drop
The back fence

You may recall that last fall we “hoicked out” the lilac in front of the fence since it was taking over that area. My thought was to put the dahlias there. I think it was a success.

Dad and Mom’s dahlias

These dahlias are over 60 years old. My Mom and Dad grew them in our garden in Connecticut and my siblings and I have kept the tubers going for eons.

Dahlia close -up

You may also recall that we removed a huge part of the forsythia hedge last fall so that we would have a better view of the meadow from the new porch. I think that was a success too.

The meadow – late August
The view down to the field
Much needed weeding in the front bed – I kind of missed the barrel
A visitor
Gentians in the upper garden
Another visitor
Fairies live here

The garden isn’t done yet – soon there will be mums, asters, foliage turning and fall clean-up.

Late July/early August

Its time for the annual daylily post. The abundant spring rains produced an incredible display this year.

Laughing Giraffe
Mt. Zion
Peggy Jeffcoat
Grandma’s Smile
Precious Beginnings
Techny Spider
Woodside Papa Joe
A melange of color

There’s lots more, but these are a few favorites.