Well there goes summer. We had some light frost a few days ago and now have a few days of warmth – what we called Indian Summer when we were kids. Hummingbirds have gone, but we have seen bluebirds. Cardinals, chickadees, finches, nuthatches, titmice and “ahem” chipmunks are visiting the feeders. We put them out last week, but bring them in at night since the black bears are around and fattening up for winter. The drought continues, so I have had to resort to hand watering in order to keep many plants alive.

The meadow is in full autumn glory with goldenrod and many different asters. Butterflies and bees are stocking up for the season ahead as well.

Goldenrod and asters
Asters, sedum ‘Matrona’
Verbena bonariensis
a bunch of stuff
two different phlox
Dad’s pink dahlias
Physotegia and Bugbane
Autumn blooming clematis
Waxy bells, heuchera, anemones
maple tree starting to change
last daylily – “Two Part Harmony”
Autumn blooming crocus in bud
another crocus
another crocus called “Waterlily”

And finally, it is apple season – so I baked a pie…..