It has a been a balmy autumn in these parts but that is about to end.  We had a hint of frost the last couple of nights but the real thing is coming this week.  Sigh.  We have been scurrying about trying to finish up the exterior painting on some steps we rebuilt, putting wood preservative on the new porch and finishing up some landscaping.  Landscaping around here has a domino effect. Let’s see: if I move that plant over there , then this plant can go in that spot and then I can move that other plant…. it goes on for awhile.  Here are a some photos of the declining garden, pre-freeze.  There is lots of color even on a gray day.




Dahlia photo is a bit washed out – but the true color shows in a vase



Since we have a new view from the porch we thinned the lilacs and are beginning to hack away the forsythia – it will be a long project


All that stuff to the far left has got to go



Improved view from the porch


Lastly, one of my daylilies rebloomed … a first for me.