Daily daylilies

The daylily explosion has begun.  There was one very early one called “Elizabeth” that popped a few weeks ago but the real show is beginning now.  There are three that vie for the first June blossom.. .this year “Little Baby Cakes” won the prize.  Here’s a photo of it next to my granddaughter’s favorite rock.


There will be many more to come – perhaps a different bloom every day.   I planted a few new ones this spring, and I can’t wait to see what they look like.


The sun came out after the big rain storm and so did Mom and Dad rabbit and their babies.  I don’t know if they were out celebrating Father’s Day or the Summer Solstice but having four rabbits in one’s garden is not a good thing.  Maybe they will just eat the clover in the lawn… yeah right.  Here’s Dad…


and the kids…..


I hope they don’t munch everything..


Catalpa or Catawba

This beautiful Catalpa (some call it Catawba) tree is now in bloom.  It is particularly full of blossoms this year.  It grows at the edge of  the Lupine meadow in a swampy wet area.  This isn’t the best photo, but I wanted to show the size of the tree.

Here’s a close-up of the blossoms..  stunning

A bog garden and more….

When we were hiking in Scotland, I fell in love with this little plant  – Pinguicula Grandiflora – common name Butterwort.  The intense purple flower and lime green leaves really stood out in the boggy areas of the highlands.  I saw the plant for sale at Cadys Falls Nursery in Vermont  – cadysfallsnursery.com.  The nursery had the plant growing in their large display garden and in little container bog gardens as well.  I decided to try making one.  The pot is plastic, with holes drilled 2 inches from the top .. no holes in the bottom.   There are pebbles in the bottom, then a layer of sand , then a peaty mix, then sphagnum moss on the top.   I am hoping all will thrive.


Another new development in the garden is the number of birds nesting this year.  There are chickadees in one birdhouse, wrens in two of the others and robin nests in the cedar right outside the family room window and as of yesterday, in one of my hanging planters on the porch.  The planter hangs right over my favorite chair.  I guess I won’t be using that chair for awhile.


Last day of May

I apologize for not posting more pix from the garden.   I have had a very hectic May schedule, and its been hard to find time for the garden.  It has also been very dry, so  I have been watering a lot trying to keep everything going.   We finally got real rain today which should help out a lot.  Here’s some photos I took the last few weeks, but didn’t have a chance to post. I hope you enjoy them, and if you live nearby , please come visit and see everything in person.

Epimedium “Wildfire”


Dodecatheon (Shooting star)  from friend Sally


Dictamnus – my mom’s Gas Plant


Iris and Allium


Camassia and blueberry blossoms


Daylily “Elizabeth” – an early bloomer


Hosta “Marmalade”


Lupine meadow


Tree peony