A loss in my garden

I wish it was spring, but not for the usual reason. Whenever I am having a tough time or experience loss, I go out in my garden and work, and I find that it helps tremendously. Our sweet 13 year old labrador died suddenly last week. Since there is still snow on the ground, and it is January, there isn’t much gardening I can do. My dog loved the garden. She rolled around in the grass or snow, chased rabbits, deer and turkeys, helped herself to their leavings (ugh), posed for pretty pictures, and kept me company. She just loved to sit on the back step and sniff the air. There is a big hole in my heart and in my garden. These are a few photos of happier times.

An interlude

I garden in New England. The weather does some some crazy things sometimes. It was in the 60’s over the weekend, and then yesterday, we had snow squalls. The little January thaw was wonderful… everyone was outside taking walks, and basking in the sunshine.

We took a walk along the Nashua River near our house

I was able to fix the deer fence, put out some mole repellent, and take down the Christmas decor… all without freezing my fingers off. The icebergs in the driveway melted away and grass was visible again. It was a treat. The bluebirds visited too. .

Of course we are expecting snow again on Saturday. Such is the weather in New England.

Winter is not done with us yet.