Happy New Year.  The seed catalogues will be here before we know it.  The garden is snoozing beneath a layer of new snow (and ice).   I have left it alone to sleep away the winter and have gone south to St. Petersburg, FL.  Houseplants have been organized and repotted to make it easier for the house sitter to take care of them.    Deer fence was put up before I left to dissuade the beasties from nibbling the azaleas this winter.  Some lucky orchids and tillandsias made the trip south with me.

We had a small ice/snow event the end of December and the garden looked quite lovely.



Next morning was fairyland.





I have lots of plans for the 2017 garden, and I even wrote some of them down so I will remember them.  In the meantime, Primrose and I hope the snows this winter are enough to blanket the plants and the cold is not too severe.