Oh, what lovely weather. The cool nights and pleasant low humidity days are here. I have decided to attack the “willow circle”. This is an area where we used to have a willow tree. The tree was rotting and had become a hazard, so we took it down a long time ago. The area around the stump is quite wet and there are some iris and daylilies and tons of weeds growing up around it. I thought it might be nice to remove the plants that are there now and put all my Ensata Iris there since those really like wet conditions. I began digging yesterday. Whew, hard work. I will relocate some of the plants and give away the rest.

The “willow circle”

The garden is taking on an end of the season look. There are still some things blooming though

Sedums, Lantana, Mullein
Caryopteris and bees
Cochicum “Water Lily”
Sedums, alliums, Verbena bonariensis, dahlias, asters
Mums and Orostachys
Sedum Autumn Joy, Orostachys, and ice plants
Brugmansia with a last flush of bloom
Jack in the Pulpit seeds
Anemone “September Charm”

The leaves are starting to change. The miracle of autumn begins.