End of May

Today it is 46 and raining. Last Wednesday it was 91 and dry. You have to love the New England weather. We gardeners are not happy that Memorial day observances are rather chilly and wet, but we are thrilled to have the rain to help ease the drought conditions. It has been a busy few weeks. The bluebirds fledged a couple of days ago.. we saw four but there may have been more. The wrens are building everywhere and momma robin has laid some beautiful blue eggs in a cedar tree right outside our breakfast table window. Hummingbirds are regular visitors to the feeder and orioles are slurping up the grape jelly and oranges. We have had other visitors too: deer in the meadow, rabbits, turkeys, a huge milk snake and raccoons. (They left their footprints in the pollen on the front porch). Ready for some flowers?

Peony ‘Early Scout’ , Geranium ‘Rozanne’ and Geum ‘Prairie Smoke’, Amsonia
Tree peony
Lupine in the meadow
Lupine and bluebird house
Bearded iris
Milk snake – about 3 1/2 feet long
Daylily ‘Elizabeth’ – an early bloomer, Comfrey, Iris, Gas plant
Turkeys on the ice plants – scram!
Curved bed
Bearded Iris, Azalea, Allium and a bunny
Siberian Iris
Gas plant, Comfrey and Honey garlic
Heuchera, Columbine ‘Green apples’, Honey garlic, Comfrey
Purple campanula, Gas plant, Comfrey
Iris, Ferns, Clematis
Rhododendrons, Azalea and more

Happy Memorial Day. We will never forget those who served

4 thoughts on “End of May

  1. Oh, no; turkeys and bunnies. Our bunnies are weirdly abundant this year, but have somehow been avoiding the landscaped areas. Turkeys . . . well, have not been such a problem yet, but have been proliferating. I had a ‘situation’ with a few turkey McNuggets just a few days ago that I mentioned on my Six on Saturday post. It worked out for them.

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