The great melting has begun…

March is doing her thing.  The sun is higher in the sky and the temps get above freezing during the day.  Is winter done, gardeners ask?  Perhaps.  Although we all wish the snow to be gone right now this very minutes so we can out and dig in the dirt…well, a slow melt is probably best in terms of flooding.  So we wait and watch for signs that spring really is almost here.

I must confess, that for me, winter has not been hard.  We escaped to the south for awhile and rested.  The blog and the garden rested too.  Thanks to friends Lori, Joan and Sherry for sending me photos of what my yard looked like while I was gone.  Here are some of their photos.



Soon all the white stuff will be gone.  It will be time to assess damage from the moles and voles that lived under the snowpack. The deer and rabbits that survived will be ravenous and invading the garden I’m sure.   The chipmunks and snakes will be out harassing me.  But that will mean its truly spring.  Until then.. here’s a shell I found at the beach with a Tillandsia that fell out of a tree


and a lovely hibiscus bloom I saw on  my evening walk..