Hanging on through the drought…

The weather is spectacular…. cool crisp mornings and sunny afternoons.  Its very dry though, and I have had to do a little spot watering to keep things going.  I’ve been transplanting things too.  Many plants have just outgrown their spaces, and I decided its time to do some thinning.  Here’s what things look like now.

Dahlias provide lots of color


Feathery grasses in morning light


I ended up moving these grasses today because they were taking over the space.  I think I’ll put dahlias there next year


A long view.. I did a lot of thinning there today


Crabapples ripening – its a bumper crop and the birds will be happy this year


Today I visited an amazing garden in town and brought home some grapes..


Esther just likes hanging out on the back step watching me work


Blogpost number 100!!!

Wow..  This is the 100th post I’ve written since beginning the blog in March of 2014.  I feel like I should do something very special, but what I need to do is a rain dance.  We haven’t had significant rain since mid-August, and it has been a real struggle keeping the plants alive.  Thunderstorms promised for tonight and tomorrow may help and at least the heat wave will be broken.  The garden and I will sigh with relief.

The morning light was quite nice, so I grabbed a few photos before it got really hot out (93 yesterday).

Allium, birdbaths and succulents


A new digitalis




Unnamed rose


Cimicifuga seed pods


Mom’s red dahlia


Daylily – Little Women




Dad’s pink dahlia and Verbena bonariensis


A trio of cherry tomatoes


Butterfly on Verbena


Boltonia, asters, mums, fall salvias, grasses, cannas, … there is still much to come.   And if we can have some rain please, all these lovely plants will thrive.

Humidity and some end of summer surprises

I have started putting all my house plants out on the porch in the summer time.  They get some morning or afternoon light and absolutely love the humidity (I do not care for it).  The plants really took off the last few weeks.

I put all my old Christmas amaryllis bulbs out.. one didn’t bloom last winter but it decided to in September..   this one is called White Nymph and is fragrant as well as beautiful.  The others are resting in the garage.  I’ll repot them in the fall and hope for blooms in December.


I don’t remember the name of this wee orchid, but I purchased it at a little orchid nursery in St. Petersburg , Fl a few years ago. It started to spike a few weeks ago and then bloomed.


The Tillandsias I collected in Florida last winter are spiking .. I hope I get to see what the blossoms look like soon.


Here are all the succulents gathered together on the western side of the porch.  They are very happy there.


I may be having a big plant giveaway come October!!