January 2023

Greetings from the garden and Happy New Year. January has been a topsy turvy weather month in the Northeast. Rain, cold, warm, snow, rain again, snow again. It is either very pretty outside or darn ugly. Let’s go with the pretty pictures shall we?

Sunrise on an early January snow
Sun shining through the trees in the back woods
Yesterday’s storm
The meadow after the snow
A night time view of the garden – uplighting is so effective
Bluebird house
Bluebirds are flocking to the feeders
This guy posed for a close-up
Gorgeous sunset the other night

The garden continues to rest of course. However, the gardener is heading south for a couple of months and will be back in April to begin a new gardening year. I hope these photos provide a pleasant diversion for my many friends who are battling illness this winter.