March 6, 2014

Finally .. March.  Yes, its lighter out, the sun is higher in the sky, but this year there is still sooooo much snow and its still really cold.   I am hoping that the snow blanket has helped insulate the plants however.   Some years I can cut pussy willows on St Patrick’s Day.   We’ll see soon.

Esther looking for spring

Esther looking for spring

Winter Garden

7:30 AM ..  capturing first light..  Sometimes the morning light is just too good to pass up no matter how cold it is outside.  I can sometimes be seen outside in my bathrobe, wellies and camera, freezing my butt off  but  capturing the hoarfrost before the sun comes up and melts it.  Ephemeral.

Sunrise through glass globe

Sunrise through a glass globe

Cone flower

Snow crystals on a coneflower

What a beautiful morning! Continue reading