Hello from Florida

Blogging has been sparse but there is a reason.  The garden is resting for the winter while the gardener has gone south.  I never thought being a snowbird would be appealing but it is!  I hope to do a little blogging from here to showcase some of the plants.  We are on Pass A Grille beach in St. Petersburg.  There are some interesting plants that grow in the dunes.

The large plants in the background are Sea grape – Coccoloba uvifera.  There are some dune sunflowers and a succulent type with bright red flowers and grasses.


Air plants – Tillandsias – grow in the Live Oaks in some of the neighborhoods not far away.  They fall out of the trees after a big windstorm.  There are two in this photo nestled in between the orchids I brought south for vacation.


The shells have been amazing here due to some big winds and waves.  There is something about the patterns that reminds me of flowers.  I experimented with making some “floral designs” from shells.


The tubular ones are actually called banded tulips…


Palms at sunrise


I’ll post more flowers and plants later.