Late April- Early May

We have gotten a lot of rain recently, and the plants love it. The ephemerals are in their glory. This time of year is fairyland – its just magical. Of course, the critters do their best to harass me. Baby rabbits are munching and the voles really wrecked havoc over the winter so I am transplanting a lot of things to fill in the barren spots. At the end of each day I am tired and sore but happy.

Primroses and Dutchman’s breeches
Dwarf bearded iris
Japanese painted fern unfurling
Primula deschmanii
Epimedium ‘Kaguyaime’
Fritillaria and primrose
Virginia bluebells
Epimedium ‘Spine tingler’
Hens and chicks
Silene auculis (pink) and Orostachys (green)
Hillside with hosta, barren strawberry, phlox, epimedium
Soapstone sink trough surrounded by hosta, trillium, epimedium, narcissus, anemones, heuchera

This little guy has lots to nibble on

There is much more but this post is long enough. I hope you enjoy it.

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