Garden Therapy

I lost a dear friend last week.  We were gardeners, grammas, knitters, and friends.  We often talked about our gardens being the places we would go when we needed to sort things out – like when our parents passed or when other problems arose.  Now, I go into my garden to grieve and try to make sense of things and find peace.   I have many plants in my garden that my dear friend shared with me.  They aren’t blooming yet, but they are growing and thriving and give me great joy.  My friend will always be with me when I am in my garden.

Spring has come…. here are a few beauties:





Miniature violet in the trough graden


Hellebore buds


Primrose in the trough garden


Bloodroot buds in an embrace


More later……


A surprise

I purchased a yellow Clivia miniata many years ago from Logee’s Greenhouse in Connecticut.  It never bloomed, it got scale, it looked lousy, and yet I couldn’t quite part with it.  This year, I put in the basement and left it for the winter with instructions to be watered once a month.   When we returned the first of April, there was a bloom spike.  Ta da!


Outside it is not so lovely. We are forecast to have freezing rain and possible icing today and tonight.  The daffodils have buds on them so I will be out covering some of them with buckets so the weight of the ice doesn’t ruin them.

The Hepatica bloomed Friday when we had a warm interlude.  I think I will cover them as well.


Ah, spring in New England.  The roller coaster ride continues……..



April 2018 – back home

We have returned from the sunny south.  I was eager to see the garden and to assess the winter damage.  Moles and voles were busy this winter and something nibbled the hens and chicks.  The deer left hoof prints in the dirt and perhaps they were the nibblers. The storms left some tree damage.  Oh yes and we had snow…….


Luckily it melted fast.   This birch had split and needed to be removed..


And it was added to the burn pile


The turkeys are strutting about doing their thing



We took a walk in the woods this morning and there was hoar frost – beautiful but ….

Version 2


Spring IS just around the corner though … these bluebirds are checking out the nesting box.. sorry for the blurry photo.. I was so excited to see them that I didn’t get a good shot


It is supposed to warm up the next few days.. maybe I’ll find a few buds or blossoms to photograph and share.  Despite the late spring, it is nice to be home.