There’s a new “blossom” in Gramma Penny’s garden.  My grandson was born last night.  Here’s a beautiful blue Agapanthus to mark the occasion.


The drought continues to be a challenge.  We have had a few showers here and there but not enough.  Watering bans are in force.  A deer showed up in the field the other day and dined off the wild roses.  All the hips on my roses have been eaten by some varmint or another.


The garden is quite neglected.  It has been too hot to get out and weed.  Thank goodness for daylilies to provide some color.  One of my favorites “Techny Spider”  was moved to a new site last year and it is putting on a show.


This old pot and some new foliage from the variegated sorrel I cut back earlier make for a nice vignette.  There were some other color combos planned for the garden this year but the rabbits did away with that plan.


I did manage to catch a hummingbird enjoying the hosta blossoms…not bad for a cell-phone shot


I can’t wait to share the secrets of gardening with the new little guy in my life.