It is mid-August, and we are really dry. It seems that the t-storms go north or south of us – very frustrating. The garden always looks a bit tired this time of year anyway, but it has been a challenge keeping plants alive through the heat and lack of rainfall. I have spent a lot of time hauling hoses around and trying to keep things watered. Weeding is not happening.

Brugmansia “Jean Pasco” was stunning this year
We had a second brood of wrens
Daylilies were beautiful
Color and texture
Vegetable garden harvest before the squirrels stole the rest of the tomatoes
Dad’s pink dahlias
Faith’s phlox
Zinnias do well in the heat
Geranium attracting lots of pollinators
Doe and her fawn
A mouse took up residence in the orchid cactus

Hopefully the drought will be over soon, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the rest of the summer and worry about the weeding and other chores in September.