Oh deer oh dear

The fall has flown by for various reasons, and I am way behind on the clean-up chores in the garden.  The colors were a bit dull this year, but I did get a few photos of some pretty leaves before they fell.




Then the frost came, and it was time to clean up the garden.  The markers you see are the labels I made for the daylilies.  My collection is growing.


Primrose the Pig presiding over the field and the last mow of the season


Every fall, I put up deer fence to keep the deer from getting into the garden in the winter and eating all the azalea buds.  My Dad used to do this in his garden with tomato stakes and fishing line strung at 3 ft and 6 ft  height on the stakes. The theory is that they won’t jump what they can’t see and when they bump into the line they back away.  It has worked well for years.  So yesterday, we hammered in the stakes around the edge of the garden, and I strung the line.  Here is what it looks like.


However, this morning I woke up to this:



Notice they are inside the fence.  I went out and discovered that the line was broken in one spot.   More line was added this afternoon…..we shall see what develops.

Sunsets come early these days, but they sure are pretty.



October 15

Its one of those mid October days where summer lingers.  It’s warm out, foggy and  damp, and the sun is trying to break through.  We have only had a light frost so there is much that is still blooming in the garden.  Not for long though.

From a distance, the garden looks like this  – getting a bit tired


But up close we have this  – mums and asters and dahlias


A close up of the mums  – these are from my mom – I’ve had them for decades


Smoke bush, sedum and iris foliage


Marigolds, celosia, and wild flowers


Allium – I think this one is “Ozawa”


Toad lilies, salvia, and a black eyed susan


Gorgeous blue monkshood


Some campanula and other offerings from the rock garden


And a rose to round out the tour