A June shout out to Jessica and Olga

Greetings gardeners. The lovely tree peony in the last post is still blooming thanks to the cool weather and a parasol.  My garden club friend Olga gave me the peony years ago and last week she gave me a parasol to shade it.  The effect is stunning.  Thank you, Olga. I am posting this photo for you, Jessica. I don’t know Jessica but we “met” through garden blogging.  She lives in Devon, England and is the writer of the Rusty Duck Blog.  She and her husband are renovating an amazing cottage, and I thought this image might just bring her a moment of tranquility.


So this one is for you, Jessica.  I hope it gives you an ahhhhhh moment during the turmoil of  plaster and cob and mud and all the rest.  And I hope many of my readers will read her blog https://www.rustyduck.net/  and follow along as the renovations proceed.  Her garden is pretty special too.

Oh yes, and the iris have begun blooming.









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