Mid to End of May

Its the last day of May, and I have been so busy gardening I haven’t had time for posting.  The wet cool spring has produced lovely blooms and they have lingered a bit longer than usual.  June is about to bust out, and it looks like from the all the buds on the iris that its going to be a good year for them.


Epimedium “Yokihi”


Epimedium “Domino” and some primroses


Tufa trough


Dianthus in the rock garden


Refurbished front beds


Close-up of the clematis in the front bed


Baptisia and rhododendron


The hosta slope, primroses, and “snow in summer”


Old fashioned bearded iris


Peony “Early Scout” and Geum “Prairie Smoke”


And lastly – a spectacular tree peony gifted to me by garden club friend Olga






3 thoughts on “Mid to End of May

  1. Penny!
    The garden looks spectacular! So beautiful. I guess this means that Summer is finally on the way!

  2. Peonies and clematis! I just mentioned to someone else that peonies and columbine are enviable to those of us who do not grow them. Well, so is clematis. They sort of grow here, but their bloom season is very brief, and they do not grow particularly well.

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