The Thanksgiving snows melted and I was able to get out into the garden and cut back the last of the perennials and put up Christmas lights.  This time of year the “bones” of the garden really show through so I though a few photos would be fun.  Here are three taken from the back step left to right  – a panorama of sorts.




There are still creatures about – deer mostly as I think the little bear cub must have hibernated.  The birds and squirrels are at the feeder non-stop, and we had a nocturnal visit from this little flying squirrel.


When its too cold to garden, I bring the garden inside – here are some succulents wintering over in a south facing window


I like to make a “sparkle tree” from a crabapple branch – the light is wonderful when the sun sets around 4:17 these days.


I made this star from milkweed pods and an acorn cap collected on a walk


Winter is here and the garden is resting

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year

7 thoughts on “December

  1. Your late fall garden looks lovely. Aren’t we lucky that our gardens rest for a few weeks, or in some cases a few months, to give us gardeners a bit of a respite as well?

    • Tony.. i just bring in all my stuff from the porch and patio and let it go semi dormant over the winter.. you should see the basement.. brugmansia, elephant ears, orchid cactus.. they would all freeze here in zone 5 massachusetts.. i have been overwintering plants this way for years and they seem to thrive..

      • They probably do it better there because it is cooler over winter. We do not do it here because we do not need to. If we did, the plants would not like it because they would not be as dormant as they are there. Agaves on the north side of the garage that get plenty of sunlight in summer, but get less when the sun is at a lower angle in winter, tend to stretch in the partial shade because they continue to grow.

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