Forsythia Hedge

When we moved here in 2001, there was a small hedge of forsythia behind the fence.  It grew and grew and became a monster 60 feet long, up to 15 feet high, and 20 feet deep.  Intertwined were vines of bittersweet, grapevine, and Virginia Creeper.  We mostly ignored the “hedge” because we didn’t have to gaze at it very often, but once the porch was finished, we knew we had to tackle the monstrosity or be swallowed up.  Here it is back in October.



Starting to cut it back:




Making progress:



We found the groundhog burrow:


Almost done:




There’s a bit more trimming to do and we created a pretty big burn pile to take care of in January, but come spring it should be a vast improvement.




8 thoughts on “Forsythia Hedge

    • Hi Karen. The main order of business will be to keep it from growing back! We are planning to put asters, milkweed, and other meadow plants in there. I hope to have some nice photos to share next summer.

  1. As bad as it sound to those who know forsythia, that would be pretty sweet here. Forsythia is quite rare. I would not mind cutting it back or to the ground if I knew it would bloom two years later. It happens to do quite well even in our mild climate.

  2. OMG that was a big work. I am not familiar with that plant, but some plants here in the tropics grow like that, and i can relate to the difficulty of erradicating it. Now you have a very wide space to put better and beautiful plants.

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