The garden is snoozing, of course, but we had snow this week so there is a bit more to look at other than cold hard ground.




We also had visitors



The dog was watching the deer and they were watching her


We have had many many cardinals at the feeders as well as other birds




I don’t think we will be using the new porch for awhile


I am happy we have the snow. The plants really like having a warm blanket to snooze under until spring.



10 thoughts on “January

  1. I could tell you our zone – based on a map, but it would be incorrect, we have a tiny micro climate thanks to the Fraser River Valley outflow! It can be freezing and horrible by us, but 5 miles away not!! makes things interesting!

  2. Gorgeous area…my son and his family used to live in Seattle so we traveled about the state a bit. That microclimate would be challenging.. we are a solid zone 5 here. Your flowers are beautiful.. I got Erin’s Floret book for Christmas… can’t wait to dig into it this winter

  3. Snow makes everything so beautiful. So many gorgeous cardinals, which we don’t have here (Seattle area.) It must be thrilling to see all those flashes of red!

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