The cool crisp air is here which means it is time to dig up a bunch of stuff and move it hither and thither in the garden.  I didn’t do much this summer other than weed a bit and water, water, water so now it feels great to be outside everyday and  get the garden back into shape.  I’ve also been digging plants to give to my son who is starting a garden – wonderful to thin out some things and to share.


Of course that means there are empty spaces and so the relocation of plants has commenced.   I had a helper yesterday…


Dad’s pink dahlia


Toad lilies


A bumble bee grabbing some pollen off the zinnias


Hosta “Marmalade”


Double white platycodon


Colchicum “Water lily”


The last harvest from the garden before the frost


I am hoping all the plants that got divided and moved will be happy in their new spots. Time will tell.




2 thoughts on “October

  1. I’m across the country from you, but it looks like we’re having about the same weather. I just brought in my last harvest too! I love those dahlias. Wow! Any idea what kind of snake that was?
    Happy Bloom Day!

    • Hi Thanks for commenting on my blog. The snake is a simple garter snake that got very annoyed when I tried to shoo him away from where I was working. He got all puffed up to about twice his size and then actually struck my shovel. He’s lucky I didn’t strike back. I do not like snakes, but I have a terrible vole and chipmunk problem so I let the snake alone. The dahlias are a very old variety that my Dad grew when I was a kid in Connecticut. Every year I dig the tubers and pot them up again in the spring. They must be at least 50 years old by now. Happy Bloom Day to you too.

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