Glory… blaze of glory .. that’s what it looks like around here in Massachusetts.  We were expecting a “brown and down” fall foliage season because of the drought, but Ma nature had other ideas.  The colors are spectacular.  We also have a delightful Indian Summer as well… mild temps after a frost.  The frost was light though so everything is still going strong.  I have so many beautiful photos to share..


Cemetery across the street


Dog enjoying the backyard


Backyard – bittersweet


Side yard – so many different colors


Williams Barn trail


View from my bedroom window


On the street where I live as the fog was rolling in…..



2 thoughts on “Glory

  1. Penny, you win the backyard beauty award, hands down. These are the most incredible photos, and they show Fall at its best. Thanks so much for all of them. 🍁🌳🍂🌾

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