Grandma’s Blessing

Last week I went to some garden centers searching for a particular rose for my daughter-in-law’s new garden.   I didn’t find the one she wanted, but I did find one that I needed.  It is called “Grandma’s Blessing” and is an ‘Easy Elegance’ rose.  Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing my two grandchildren meet each is nine years old and one is 6 weeks.  They are truly Grandma’s Blessing.




We are still in drought, so succulents are doing well since they require little water.  These wonderful “Talinum” add color and texture to this planter.  They are hardy and expand each year.  The lovely blossom opens in the afternoon and is surrounded by yellow and white portulaca.


I put my orchids outside for the summer,  and they seem to enjoy the weather.  The tillandsias I brought back from Florida last winter also love the humidity.


Today’s hoped for rain missed us, so I will be out with the hose again tomorrow trying to keep all the other plants going.







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