Well that was fast.  Summer scooted on by without too much posting on my part.  I guess some of it was the drought.  There were still some little pockets of loveliness but they were hard to come by, so I just didn’t take as many photos.  We can only hand water with a hose now.. no sprinklers… and that takes a long time.  My goal at the moment is to water just enough to keep plants alive.  Many plants are stunted, dull in color and putting out fewer blooms, but most are responding to the water.  There should be much more color in this photo, but the rabbits continue their nightly visits.


The Brugmansia usually puts on a show this time of year with multiple blossoms.  This year I have one.  Its a beauty though.  I love the color changes as it matures.



The dahlias have a few blossoms – and those too are lovely – just scant in number.



Sunflowers are happy


The bees have found the sedum


I love the softness of this Hibiscus blossom


The zinnias are wonderful this year..


A fading Echinacea will bring in some goldfinches soon


All in all not too bad.  Asters, mums, sedums, fall anemones and grasses  will bring some beauty to the garden as the weather cools off , and perhaps we will have a good rain again some day.





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