This year’s new daylilies and an old favorite

Every year I say that I have no more room for any new daylilies.  And every year, someone brings me one from her garden or I see a beauty at a plant sale, and I have to make room.  So in the fall, I dig and divide and move some things around and try to create some space for the newbies.  There are now four new faces in four new places in the garden this year…….

I am not sure what this one is.  There are some possibilities, but I haven’t made a positive identification yet.


This is an unknown .. no idea where it came from either – but it sure is lovely


This beauty is called Glistening Bouquet and is from my friend Kim’s gorgeous garden.  I admired it last year.. and she brought me a piece for my garden.


I don’t know the name of this one either but the double almost triple blossom is very showy.


There are a couple of new additions that didn’t bloom.  I’ll fertilize in the fall and wait til next year – drat.

This one is a late bloomer.. but its my favorite and I eagerly await the first blossom. I give you Techny Spider.


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