August – OTHWI

OTHWI- Oh The Heck With It.  Its hot and humid out and not pleasant to be in the garden.   Most of the daylilies have gone by and need cleaning up, but its too hot to do it now.  So this time of year I tend to let the garden do what it wants, weeds and all.  I’ll deal with it when the weather cools off a little.

I thought these blossoms looked refreshing on a hot day, however.  This lovely hydrangea in the front yard came with the house.


The bees love it.


This Hibiscus was also here when we moved so I don’t know the cultivar, but its hardy and I love the big blossoms.


I never tire of this combo.. the Smoke Bush leaves and the Sedum Autumn Joy look nice together.


More later…….

2 thoughts on “August – OTHWI

  1. Penny, I scored the Japanese maple AND the blue hydrangea from next door, but neither is looking very happy. We water every day, sometimes twice a day, but they just resent having been moved the few hundred feet in this heat. Maybe some time in the fall you will come and wave a magic wand over them both…

  2. they probably just have transplant shock .. you don’t want to drown them either.. a bucket of water every other day should be fine… don’t fertilize yet.. magic wand visit in fall

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