Bees and a couple of late bloomers

We have had a week of humidity and hot temperatures and frankly the garden looks tired.  Blossoms have wilted, foliage is dying off, the mums and asters and glorious fall stuff hasn’t popped yet.. so its kind of the ugly season in most of the garden.   The bees don’t think so though.  They are all over the few blossoms that are still around.







Daylily  “Condilla”


Zinnea.. blossoms within a blossom.. should bring the bees by soon


Daylily “Peggy Jeffcoat”  with pollen to offer


I was also quite excited to see that N. Dakota Sunrise finally decided to bloom.. worth the wait


And Greywoods Papa Joe is happy in its new spot.  It didn’t bloom last year so I moved it.  Voila!


Some pink Chelone  – otherwise known as Turtlehead –  blooming down by the old shed spot


Phlox and goldenrod provide some color and pollen for the bees


The cannas are very late…I didn’t water enough… this one should have a bright orange blossom by now.. the foliage is nice though


This little warbler stopped by too


Just enough still happening in the garden so that I will be happy to get to the weeding on Wednesday when the weather cools off a bit.


This year’s new daylilies and an old favorite

Every year I say that I have no more room for any new daylilies.  And every year, someone brings me one from her garden or I see a beauty at a plant sale, and I have to make room.  So in the fall, I dig and divide and move some things around and try to create some space for the newbies.  There are now four new faces in four new places in the garden this year…….

I am not sure what this one is.  There are some possibilities, but I haven’t made a positive identification yet.


This is an unknown .. no idea where it came from either – but it sure is lovely


This beauty is called Glistening Bouquet and is from my friend Kim’s gorgeous garden.  I admired it last year.. and she brought me a piece for my garden.


I don’t know the name of this one either but the double almost triple blossom is very showy.


There are a couple of new additions that didn’t bloom.  I’ll fertilize in the fall and wait til next year – drat.

This one is a late bloomer.. but its my favorite and I eagerly await the first blossom. I give you Techny Spider.


Blooming mid-July

Where to start?  I could fill pages with all the wonderful blossoms.  We have had good growing conditions – just enough rain , not too many super hot days and no severe storms.   Although the rabbits continue to visit, they seem content to nibble the clover and leave the tall plants alone.

Here’s a couple of views from an upstairs window




I have a new daylily this year – a gift from friend Laura S.  It is called Laughing Giraffe – aptly named I think


Daylilies, Veronica and Lamb’s Ears


The tropicals are enjoying the summer weather.   This is an elephant ear that I’ve had for 5 years now.  I bring it into the basement every fall and ignore it and bring it back out in the spring.  It is beginning to fill the corner in the grilling area.


This is an elephant ear blossom.


The Brugmansia is blooming already.  I repotted it this spring and it seems pretty happy.  I purchased it in a little 4 inch pot from Logee’s Greenhouse five years ago  and look at it now.  It is called Jean Pasco.  The aroma is intoxicating in the evening.


This Cimicifuga racemosa is getting huge.  I love the way it dances over the veggie garden fence.


Daylilies and Gooseneck loosestrife (Lysimachia clethroides) competing for attention in the meadow now that the Lupine have gone by