The merry month of May

May is here.   Just the word “May”  conjures up all kinds of wonderful things.   This year we are still in the throes of a long cool wet spring.  The upside is that the wee spring things last longer and the heat doesn’t do them in.  April showers do bring May flowers.  And  e.e. cummings wrote that spring is ..”when the world is puddle-wonderful…”  I have always loved that line.  The garden is exploding with new things every day.  Shall we have a look?


The ephemeral bed….


Old man willow is putting on a show.. this is his good side.  The other side is completely rotten and sadly, this is his last spring.  I am going to miss him.


The forsythia hedge is a welcome sight on these gray days.. Redbud in the foreground


Red buds getting ready to pop



Pussytoes and  blue Pulmonaria under the birch






Frittilaria meleagris


Another Frittilaria – I’ve lost the tag with its full name …


2 thoughts on “The merry month of May

  1. Penny, Once again your photography is incredible! This particular entry included what I love best about the spring. I know that we have a plant sale coming up and am interested in any and all wild flowers that mirror your photo’s. These are my absolute favorites and I love seeing them come into bloom this time of year. I, like you look out every day for a new showing. Very sad about the willow tree…I walked Harry by it several times this week and know that it is a matter of time. Perhaps another can be planted in it’s place. Again Penny, thank you for sharing. I look forward to the next blog. Mimi

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