Its 43 degrees, been raining all day, pretty dreary.  I was going to do a post about some hardy succulents, but then I heard there was a visitor across the street.  I grabbed the camera and drove around the corner.   Unfortunately, he/she ambled behind the neighbor’s house before I got a good shot but here’s some proof anyway.  Very healthy looking and very large animal.  I wonder if that’s what Esther the wonder lab has been upset about at night.


2 thoughts on “Bear!

  1. Jeez Pen, You guys get all the good stuff out there. Just don’t let that bar eat any of your purty flars or I’ll come on out and tan his/her hide! Here in the burbs we’ve been told to watch out fer some varmints of our own. In Arlington we got couple-three rabid coons. Take care darlin. XOXO

  2. wow…he(or she) is a big one. I wonder where the rest of the family is! I wish I could call now and get more details but you are probably asleep! 🙂 Hugs to you and the bear,

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