New veggie garden

We built a raised bed for the veggies in 2002.. but it rotted out and needed to be redone.  Two weeks ago, I pulled the old raised bed apart and yesterday the handsome husband and I built a new one.  We expanded the lower section and that will hold herbs, peppers, and eggplants.  The upper bed will house peas, squashes, beans and tomatoes.   Lettuces and spinach will be planted in pots.

Here is the veggie bed in late March …


halfway done….


done… except for the rabbit fence which will go up next week and a bit more soil.


To celebrate , I planted the sugar snap peas…  yum.


4 thoughts on “New veggie garden

  1. Wicked awesome…. well done by the work crew! It will be fun to see the garden grow!!!! keep the camera clicking..this is such fun
    xo Effie

  2. I think this is so cool. It gives you so much more space, and it’s beautiful and historical. Can’t wait to see how it grows. xo xo xo

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