Bloodroot and birds

Well today is pretty darn ugly – 45 degrees and raining..  on April 26th.  The grass sure is getting green though.  The bloodroots were in fine form the last few days but now the wind and rain are doing them in.   Here they are in all their glory –  some singles and  doubles.


Double bloodroot


The bluebirds are doing more house hunting, and I hope they like what they see and will move in.


In the meantime, its wonderful to see those brilliant flashes of blue around the garden.


Some Carolina wrens have decided that they would like to raise a family in the bin with the fake pansies that I put on the porch a few weeks ago before the real pansies were available.



It should be fun to peek in on them from time to time.


I took these photos through the kitchen window so they are a bit fuzzy.



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