Spring has sprung

I think we’ve turned the corner..  the snow has melted in most of the yard, although there is still some left in the woods.  The garden is waking up, every day something new pokes through the ground.


In the meantime there have been visitors.  This morning I found a rabbit nest.. no baby bunnies yet.  This lovely lady has been hanging around at the edge of the woods , just waiting to munch my tulips.  I think I’ll leave the deer fence up for awhile.  (I use 6 ft wooden stakes about 8 feet apart and string fishing line in between them at the 3 ft level and 6 foot level.)


We’ve also had some other visitors.


There has been lots of interest in the birdhouses and some have nests already.


Ah…   time to turn this blank canvas into something special. Yeehah!




5 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. love it love it…all of it..where is the picture with close up plants sticking up???? what is that mulch?…..I will bring over some more deer since you love them so much!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Effie. The purple crocuses are coming up under the rose bush in the main garden.. seen on the left in the “big picture” of the garden. The mulch isn’t mulch.. just the dirt and leaves I haven’t cleaned up yet. No more deer thank you very much.. I have more than enough. You can come remove snakes anytime though .. just like you did last year. .. I haven’t seen any yet this year and hope it stays that way. Ick.

  2. Penny, Again, your photography is just spectacular! I almost fell in love with the doe…until I think of my tulips peeking through the earth…she must go! The bluebird and woodpecker photo’s are beautiful. Again, thank you for sharing. Mimi

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