April showers

April showers are here (and I’m hoping they will remain rain showers and not become snow showers).  We were away for a week and the warm weather certainly made a difference in the garden.  When we left last Tuesday things were just poking through the ground.  Now there are daffodils with buds on them just ready to open up. Blue scilla, crocuses, hellebores, and a few primroses are blooming, and there’s all kinds of stuff budding.  The next few days will be cold and that will slow the blooming but there should be a good show pretty soon.    The alpines in the troughs are beginning to  come back to life too…. more on alpine troughs next week.

Unfortunately, the deer visited the garden while we were gone.  They ate a few daylily shoots and some tulips.  I’ve sprayed deer-repellent and Esther the wonder dog is back to barking at shadows in the night so I am hoping the deer will stay away.  Varmints!!

A hellebore in full bloom




A pretty primrose


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