Lakefront property and a surprise

The rains have ended for now and the annual lake has developed in the field.  Its a low area which always collects water after the spring rains come and the snow melts.  One year we even had ducks swimming out there.  The dog loves it.   The rains also melted off a huge pile of snow out in the garden and look what was  underneath – hellebores!  Yippee… now for a little more warmth and some sunshine please.





4 thoughts on “Lakefront property and a surprise

  1. Penny, Saw the same yesterday…the Christmas Rose was poking out of the garden…just beautiful! All seven fish are alive and kicking…I think they are tired of this winter as well. Soon…pretty soon! Mimi

  2. Enjoying your blog! Didn’t know about hellebores and googled. Lovely early flowers and great for shade gardens.

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