Late May – Early June

Busy times. Weeding, watering, planting, weeding, watering. I have taken lots of photos but haven’t had a chance to post them, so there are a lot in this post. It has been a cool rainy spring but now it is becoming warm and dry. We have had bluebirds and wrens nesting this year and all kinds of birds at the feeders. Chipmunks are everywhere. The iris are beautiful and I have some blooming this year that I thought I had lost. Its always such a treat when a plant returns. Enjoy.

Tree peony with parasol
New herb and veggie garden – beans, squash, cukes, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, basil, chives, sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, marigolds
Flame azalea and allium
Lupine in the meadow
More lupine
Early daylily “Elizabeth”, Iris “Eleanor Roosevelt”, Columbine “Green Apples”
Hosta “Marmalade”, blue Hyacinthoides, yellow Alexander
White reblooming Iris
Bearded iris
Iris “Beverly Sills”
Siberian Iris “Pink Haze”
Necarspodium allium
Gas plant – Dictamus

Its really pretty right now. I really enjoy spending time out here escaping from the outside world for awhile

4 thoughts on “Late May – Early June

  1. That is what a clematis should look like. I had never done well with them. The climate here is less than ideal for them. However, there are about four at work that happen to be doing nicely. It is different climate from my home garden just a short distance away. I do not tend to them, but the colleague who does seems to know what they want.
    ‘Beverly Sills’ catches my attention because of the name. It sounds like Beverly Hills, which is a town in the Los Angles region where the Canyon News, one of the newspapers that I write for, is located.

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