It snowed… a lot… 17 inches worth. There was quite a frenzy to complete all the garden clean-up before the storm, and we finished just in time. Now we have winter wonderland for a few days until the next storm washes it away.

Thank goodness I was able to get the Christmas lights put out before it snowed
Need to dig out the grill
We won’t be dining on the porch for awhile
Happy dog

After 2 1/2 days of snowing, the sun came out

I got a lot of indoor work done during the storm though…here’s one of my decorations. Merry Christmas to all.

4 thoughts on “December

  1. It was both pretty and cold and then we got a little warm spell and it mostly all melted. But then we had about 4 inches of fresh stuff on top of everything last night and it looks like fairyland again.

  2. Thanks Tony. They are quite beautiful. We lost all that snow when it warmed up for few days but then it got cold again and we got some more. Hoping it holds on for a white Christmas.

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