Mid November

It was such a beautiful fall. We lingered in the warmth; we admired the still blooming flowers. Then boom… it got cold.. .real cold. So the clean-up is still not done. I cut back most of the stuff that gets mushy – irises and daylilies. But there is still much to do

Most of what is left is the woody stuff, and I will leave some of that until spring.

The meadow got mowed just in time

Although the flowers are gone, the frost on the foliage is delightful

Decorative globes shine in the morning light

This is another reason to grow Epimedium – wonderful color on the foliage in late autumn

And finally a spectacular sunset from the other night…

No snow yet..but its coming.

8 thoughts on “Mid November

  1. Autumn and winter in other climates are so compelling. I thought that I would experience part of a real winter when I want to Oklahoma a few years ago, but it barely snowed, and the weather stayed quite mild until just after we left. Even in its mild condition, it sure was pretty!

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