The great autumn veggie garden renewal

The veggies were amazing this year. However, the retaining wall separating the two tiered raised bed had been eaten away by ants and was rotting away. What to do? Garden club friend Celia was replacing a retaining wall and had stones she did not need! So we rescued them.

Some of the bounty
Here you can see what appear to be good wooden supports.. not so… (rotted ones dividing the upper and lower beds already removed in this photo)
Rotted supports from between the two beds, the sides look like this too
Reclaimed stones from friend’s yard
Yuck.. more ant infiltration
Beginning the first course of stone
Lower bed removed, area raked and seeded – the blocks on the right will be removed, but are currently keeping a beautiful pineapple sage in place because I couldn’t bear to pull it out yet
Ta da!!!! Ready for next year
Oh yes the Brugmansia is still having a field day

October has arrived and here are a few photos from the perennial garden. Its darn pretty out there.

Autumn blooming crocuses
It seems surreal sometimes

The colors will be gone soon and the tedious clean-up will begin, but in the meantime, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

7 thoughts on “The great autumn veggie garden renewal

  1. Is that a single flowered pale orange brugmansia? (I know that is not your main topic, but it got my attention.) There are only four cultivars here, and I believe one that has not bloomed yet is a single flowered pale orange brugmansia. I found cuttings on a curbside greenwaste pile in San Jose. I thought that the parent plant bloomed orange, but my colleague insists that it was probably the yellow ‘Charles Grimaldi’.

      • The pictures online are so variable, but most happen to look sort of like what I believe mine to look like. I know there are several cultivars available, so I will not try to identify mine. I don’t really care what it is anyway. I just hope it really is like yours. ‘Charles Grimaldi’ is nice too, but I do not need any more of it. (My favorite is a single white, but it is not quite as pretty as the others.)

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