Mid September

Its a beautiful dewy morning.

Morning sun on the smokebush
Succulent on the porch
Bees warming up near the Caryopteris
Dahlias, phlox, asters and labrador
Hosta ‘Marmalade’
Phlox, physotegia, giant coneflower
Newly weeded section: Bergenia, asters, daylilies, astilbe
Rock garden with sedums
Orostachys – green
Orostachys – gray

More to come in the next few weeks…..

8 thoughts on “Mid September

  1. Lovely garden….clematis blooms over the fence is beautiful …my eyes are stuck on the orostachys they are spectacular…wish could be grown in my garden too.Happy blogger blooms day.

  2. That first picture is pretty rad. Smoke bush, both bronze and gold, are trendy here, but never look so good. Actually, almost al look rather grungy. So-called ‘gardeners’ do not prune them enough to stimulate vigorous new growth. I have not seen a formerly common ‘green’ sort in a long time.

  3. Thanks Tony… the smokebush is a gorgeous burgundy color but the morning light and dew on it made it look like silver. I prune it back by half every year.. usually in the fall after the leaves all drop

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