July – Iris Ensata

The daylilies will be the main show in the garden very soon but the last two weeks have featured the Iris Ensata – the Japanese water iris.   I got these iris years ago from a friend who grows them here in town.  We had a lot of rain this spring so they all bloomed for me this year !

IMG_4667Hanakaido Pink

IMG_4682Raspberry Candy

IMG_4681Unknown blue

P1140799Ruffled White Water

P1140808Silent Thunder

P1140822Warai Hotel

P1140811Frilled Enchantment




3 thoughts on “July – Iris Ensata

  1. That first one is rad! I have not seen them in plain and simple white. We tried to get some for the damp spots below where we grow stock plants at the farm, but they disappeared after their first year. I do not know why they rotted. They seem to tolerate flooding in other gardens. They are uncommon here. Most climates are chaparral.

  2. Beautiful! Our irises are long done for the year, but yours almost make me forget that its 88 degrees at 9:15 at night.

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