July and August

Summer is speeding by!  The garden has taken a back seat this year due to travel, the porch project, family visits and our new grandbaby.  Plus it was hot, and then the monsoons came.  Things are growing but due to neglect, weather, and varmints this has  been a challenging summer.

In July, we traveled to the Canadian Rockies and the Bugaboo Mountains for some hiking.  I saw lots of wildflowers. The scenery wasn’t too shabby either.








When we returned home, we found the daylilies were in full bloom …




We finished the porch…


In August, we had visits from this mama and her babies


And the groundhog was back.. see him just to the right of the birches?  Grrrrr


He hasn’t gotten the tomatoes yet…


Today I finally did some weeding – here’s before


And after…


The rains are returning… maybe I’ll tackle the back garden tomorrow…or not. Summertime…..




4 thoughts on “July and August

    • it was mostly giant crab grass.. choked out a lot of the plants that are supposed to be there.. yarrow, cosmos, coreopsis, baby’s breath, ice plants, orostachys, other succulents. they will have a chance now

  1. Oh, fabulous pics, especially that top one. National Geographic eat your heart out. The view from the porch is wonderful. Well, the whole garden is actually! Enjoy the rest of summer.

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