October 15

Its one of those mid October days where summer lingers.  It’s warm out, foggy and  damp, and the sun is trying to break through.  We have only had a light frost so there is much that is still blooming in the garden.  Not for long though.

From a distance, the garden looks like this  – getting a bit tired


But up close we have this  – mums and asters and dahlias


A close up of the mums  – these are from my mom – I’ve had them for decades


Smoke bush, sedum and iris foliage


Marigolds, celosia, and wild flowers


Allium – I think this one is “Ozawa”


Toad lilies, salvia, and a black eyed susan


Gorgeous blue monkshood


Some campanula and other offerings from the rock garden


And a rose to round out the tour






5 thoughts on “October 15

  1. Wow, you still really have lots of color and blooms. I simply love your full garden shots, instead of a flower here and a flower there.

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