Wow .. the month got away from me.  I got a bit of “remodeling” done i.e.  moving stuff around early in the month.   Then we had a warm spell so I quit transplanting for awhile.  Cooler days are ahead so I imagine I will be back outside soon moving stuff around.

This area was quite overgrown so I moved a lot of stuff out and transplanted in some Heucheras from other areas. I like the new look.


The dahlias have bloomed all month.  I put them in a different part of the garden this year.  They did well and I can see them better from inside.



There’s quite a bit of color still (see how the peach dahlias just pop?)


Fall blooming crocuses add a lot of color




This threesome showed up early one morning .. grrrrr


These gross looking caterpillars defoliated the gas plant.. turns out they are giant swallowtail butterfly larvae


The succulents are flowering now too.  I love the funky shapes of these grey Orostachys



The maple leaves are starting to turn.  I hope we don’t get frost yet though.  I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet.



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