Wild and crazy stuff

I like to see how many different kinds of plants I can grow.  The abundant rain this year has brought out some spectacular blooms.

The Brugmansia ‘Jean Pasco’ (now 7 years old) emerged from dormancy and put on an early show with 12 blossoms.  There are more buds forming, so August could be amazing.


My sister gave me an orchid cactus years ago.  It didn’t bloom last year, and I was about to give it away.  I put it out on the porch just because it looks tropical and lo and behold..it is blooming.. wowza


The Japanese Iris didn’t bloom last year either  – too dry.  But they got a lot of water this spring and early summer and they are blooming away now




July brings the daylilies.  Not unusual.. just gorgeous.  This one is ‘Royal Ebony’


Here we have ‘Glistening Bouquet’, ‘Radiation Biohazard, ‘Apricot Ruffles’ and ‘Blueberry Breakfast’


And a bunny update..


Still munching….


3 thoughts on “Wild and crazy stuff

  1. I also had to check out your previous post, too cute, for now. Then they grow up and act like bunnies. We have some that are so accustomed to my husband in the yard, he almost steps on them when he walks. My dog Scooter will chase them if they are close by, but he knows he can’t catch them if they are far away. He will just look at them and yawn.
    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.Blogspot.com

  2. Those little bunnies are so cute, but oh, what a pest! We have a family of foxes that live in our cornfields, but those rascally rabbits seem to elude them. Your Japanese Irises are beautiful! We have a couple in the nursing home garden where I volunteer, and I was so sad that they didn’t bloom this year. Perhaps as you say, it was just too dry for them this year. Happy Bloom Day!

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